How Apple Is Working to Manage Its Self-Driving Car Fleet

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Artificial Intelligence is regarded as the greatest invention of the 21st century. One of the companies that has heavily invested in AI projects is Apple. Initially, there were rumors that they were working on driverless cars; something they denied but later they revealed their plans to the world.

For close to five years now, Apple has been making advancements in automation and machine learning; all geared towards self-driving cars. This is surely a great invention however it hasn’t gained much popularity.

One of the challenges Apple has faced in the initial phase of this project is how to manage its self-driven fleet of cars. Fortunately, you will find some good news in this piece.

How is Apple managing its fleet of cars?

To manage its fleet of driverless cars, Apple Inc. is looking forward to partnering with reliable industry players like Eyeride website, in a deal that will see the latter managing its fleet of cars.

Apple has gotten into such deals before and it shouldn’t be an issue of concern given their usual strictness with matters of intellectual rights.

EyeRide fleet-management will be responsible for offering both maintenance and fleet support services to Apple, as per the agreement that was signed between these two multi-billion dollar enterprises.

This partnership makes it easy for Apple to manage its fleet of autonomous vehicles. In fact, Apple will then be left with the simple task of monitoring its driverless software. But why choose EyeRide? What new things does this site offer that others don’t? You could be asking yourself this and many other questions.

Why EyeRide is the best option

EyeRide’s E-log is an accurate and powerful fleet management app. The convenience of this app comes from how easily Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports can be generated before being sent to its 58-point car checklist. Can you imagine doing this online? This totally eliminates the manual creation of such reports and, therefore, helping in fleet management.

EyeRide also helps you receive automatic notifications in case you are about to violate service regulation hours. This is a great way to ensure that your fleet of driverless cars is always in good condition.

The same process can be used to check on the vehicle’s compliance and general adherence to safety rules. In fact, there is a great and seamless coordination up to the managerial levels.


Technology is the greatest thing to happen this century. Despite such achievements being made in the transport sector, they haven’t come without cost. A lot of challenges have been experienced and the biggest one is fleet management.

This has led to the establishment of fleet management websites such as EyeRide that offer a solution to this issue in a more convenient way. I can, therefore, confidently say that the journey towards the realization of autonomous vehicles is seriously on course.

Apple partnering with EyeRide will come as a reprieve to managing their self-driving car fleet. Don’t you think that this is the greatest invention of our time?

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