How To Close Windows 8 Apps


Windows 8 is the latest release of Microsoft OS and a effective roll over of Windows 7. Its Metro UI makes the very attactive visual & big difference. Windows 8 apps have been an very innovative and new feature in windows 8. Windows 8 apps are in enormous numbers and you will find lots and lots of very awesome & fantastic Windows 8 apps and Games.

Get Tons of Windows 8 Apps from the Windows Store. there is no limit for Apps , as the Apps are being loaded all the time. But Keep in mind apps are only compatible to work in Windows 8 or Windows RT

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As a existing user of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 , we have been used to Close the Files by Pressing Alt + F4 Key. But, in Windows 8 Apps cannot be Closed in such a way. Even if You try to Press Alt + F4 Key to close the App, you will surely be unsuccessful . Most of the users are finding irritated on closing the Windows 8 apps on metro.

Well, You need not be irritated anymore on Closing the Windows 8 Metro Apps, As we Provide you the Solution on How to Close the Apps Successfully.

How To Close Windows 8 Apps :

  • Step 1 : Navigate to Desktop or to My Computer
  • Step 2 : Move Your Mouse To top Left up corner where Apps are displayed
  • Step 3 : Then, Right Click on the Apps that you need to Close
  • Step 4 : Now Choose the CLOSE option
  • Step 5 : You are done, Apps can by closed one by one with the above steps.

Just with some Clicks away, you can easily close the Windows 8 Apps.


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