Download & Upload all your Photos on Facebook with Drop N Sync

Photos on Facebook,Drop N Sync

Now you can easily Download & Upload all your Photos on Facebook with Drop N Sync.


Photos on Facebook,Drop N Sync
Drop N Sync

Download & Upload all your Photos on Facebook with Drop N Sync:

Drop N Sync is a very simple application with easy understandable interface that helps you to Download and Upload all your Facebook Photos, Albums and all your Tagged Photo’s completely just by making some simple clicks on Drop N Synch Application. For uploading your Photo’s on Facebook, All need to do is that, you have to place all your photos into a separate folder and the Application will automatically upload all those photos on your folder to your Facebook Account as Album. With this Application you can download or upload your photos on Facebook.

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Drop N Sync Application allows users to choose manually, what they need to Sync on Facebook and when they need to Sync. When the installation starts, make sure that you check box only the required things and uncheck all the additional setups (like toolbar’s, etc).  After installation completes, when you run this Application for first time it will Automatically ask you to configure the app by logging in to your Facebook Account and provide access permission to the Drop N Sync Application.

Photos on Facebook ,Drop N Sync access,drop n sync,techbuzzes

Once you have given the permission to access the App & to your Photos on Facebook, Now you will be able to perform tasks of your own and customize like Downloading all the Albums, Select specific Albums to download, and not Download any albums.

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On Miscellaneous tab you can easily download all your tagged photos on Facebook. All you have to do is check mark the Download My Tags from My Friends Album and click on save, such that it downloads all your tagged photos on Facebook to the Directory. And you can choose ifyou want Drop N Sync to run on windows startup.

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Under the Deleted Files you can be able to see all your deleted Photo’s and Albums. The best part about it is that you can even be able to restore all those deleted files as well. Isn’t that so cool.

Drop N Sync is a magical wand like free Application which only takes up 2.1 MB of your hard drive to perform the huge process of Downloading and Uploading Photos on Facebook. Drop N Sync is remarkable software that makes photo sharing on Facebook faster.

Download Photos on Facebook with Drop N Sync


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