Best iOS 7 Features Rolled out Newly at WWDC 2013

iOS 7 Features, iOS Multi-Tasking, iOS Background Apps, Control Center ,Activation lock ,Safari Browser ,SIRI

Recently in the WWDC 2013 event Apple Announced the release of much awaited iOS 7. iOS 7 has totally transformed the Interface of the iOS Completely. It gives an Unique and Completely New look to the iOS Operating System. iOS Devices would have an very Trendy Interface. Apple user would be happy because the New interface enhances the look of the Apple Devices. Once they update it to iOS 7 they would completely forget the Old Classy iOS 6. It’s that aspiring. On the event, Apple elaborated the iOS 7 Features that are Rolled out newly the latest iOS. Let’s look at them one by one.

iOS 7 Features, iOS Multi-Tasking, iOS Background Apps, Control Center ,Activation lock ,Safari Browser ,SIRI

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Best iOS 7 Features Rolled out Newly at WWDC 2013

  • Completely New Look & Enhanced Interface:

The First thing you would notice would be the “FONT”, iOS 7 has got a sleeky Font style. And also the look of Default icons has been totally changed. Users like the new Icon style that has been rolled out. Even the Keyboard look has been changed and looks very lighter. The other thing which you might notice is the Signal Indication Bars that has been changed to Circular dots. And depending on the Strength the Color of the Dots varies from White to Grey.

iOS 7 Features,techbuzzes

  • Multi-Tasking with Live Preview of Background Apps:

iOS already has an excellent Multi-tasking options, but now iOS 7 has made it much advanced by making it Switch Between the Background Apps and the Current Apps at the same time. It even displays the Live Preview of the Apps that are running on the background. Even the Design of Multitasking has got a new look, just tap the HOME button and experience the change.

iOS 7 Features,iOS Multi-Tasking,techbuzzes


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  • Most Awaited “Control Center”:

Control Center is the one thing, which every iOS users were waiting for. Because in previous iOS released, we always have to go to the “SETTINGS” to perform most of the actions like turning on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Services , etc. But now you don’t have to get irritated about it as iOS 7 gives you a Pull-Up Tray where you can control all your settings with short clicks and Simple Touch. It is easy to Turn off – on WIFI, Airplane Mode, or your Screen Brightness and much more, very easily with the Pull-up Tray. Everything comes handy and you simply have to touch the necessary icon when required from the Control Center.

iOS 7 Features Control Center, Control Center,techbuzzes


  • Secure Anti-Theft Protection:

Apple has come up with an excellent solution for iPhone Mobile Theft with “Activation Lock”. Activation lock is a life savior iOS 7 features that has been introduced. When your Device is Lost, Theft or Stolen with iOS 7 running on it, then the feature is at great help to you in protecting the Data’s available on your stolen iPhone Device from Misuse. Yes, if the thief tries to erase your data or when he tries to disable the “Find My Phone” feature on your iPhone. Then, He will be forced to enter your iCloud Credentials, and obvious when he fails your Phone Automatically gets locked. Isn’t that cool? Even though your mobile is Lost, your Data’s are not at risk anymore.

iOS 7 Features, iOS Activation Lock , iPhone Activation Lock


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  • Safari Browser with New Look and Interface: 

Safari is the Default Browser from Apple which can be found in every iOS devices. It is also the best browser for Apple devices which supports the best and gives an excellent Browsing experience. Now, you can see many improvising features on Safari Browser. Like Browsing in Full Screen, Having Infinite Tabs to use, & Vertical Carousel Interface on Tabs. The Browsing experience is simply awesome with the new Interface gets the users attention fully and delivers best Browsing experience.

iOS 7 Features ,Safari browser, new Safari browser, ios 7 Safari browser, techbuzzes

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  • SIRI Has Something New:

The iOS 7 Features the Voice of “SIRI” with a variant tone. Yes, it has got a slight change with the tone, and you are free to choose Male or the Female Voice to SIRI. SIRI has gone beyond its usual activity, now it will even look for your Searched keywords from BING and WIKI aswell and will fetch you the result. Twitter, Wiki comes built in with iOS 7.

iOS 7 Features SIRI, iOS 7 siri,techbuzzes

There are even many more Features that have been delivered on iOS 7. Well the Beta version II has been launched and mostly of the bugs on beta-I were fixed. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the Official Release for iOS7. So all the Apple Lovers can enjoy the Newly Rolled out iOS 7 Features on their iOS devices.

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