Top 5 Antivirus for Android Devices

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Virus, Trojans, Malwares are now no longer Tagged or Restricted to Computers alone. They have been boomed into Mobile Devices and other Gadgets as well. They easily get access into our Mobiles via Apps or other possible ways. You can never get to know about any of those, unless you realize your Mobile Phones have been acting ‘Strange’. Viruses and Trojans are always Threat to our Mobile Phones and its Data available in it. It could easily flush all your valuable information from your Device or it can affect your device in such a way that it makes your device to respond slowly. It’s most common with users owning Android Devices, as they seem to install lots of Apps from Play Store. To protect your valuable Data and your Android Device, we have come up with “Top 5 Antivirus for Android Devices”.

Antivirus For Android , Antivirus App For Android Device, Antivirus App, Android Guard, Antivirus Shield, Techbuzzes


These Antivirus Apps are designed for Android Devices, in order to Safe Guard your Android Device from any kind of Viruses, Malwares, etc…. Try them on your devices and choose the one which suits the best for your device. Surely it will safe guard your Android Phone. But it is recommended that, you have only one App installed so you could utilize and have the best use of it.

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List of “Top 7 Antivirus For Android Devices”:

  • AVG Antivirus for Android:

AVG Antivirus is a Free and Top Rated Android Antivirus App. It has been packed with Features like Anti Theft Protection and Real Time Antivirus Monitoring which protects you from harmful viruses like Malware, Spyware, etc… It takes all the efforts to keep your Personal Data to be Safe on the device. With AVG Antivirus you can Enable the Finding location option to track your stolen or lost mobile phone via Google Maps. The best thing I personally like it that, it kills the tasks that makes your device slow, hence you experience Super Fast Speed of your Device.

Antivirus For Android , Avg Antivirus Android, Avg Antivirus App, techbuzzes

Download AVG Antivirus For Android


  • Eset Mobile Security:

ESET Mobile Security For Android is an award winning antivirus App and proven Anti-Theft Technology. Once you install this, you can be worry less on the Threats or Privacy Breaches on your mobile. All your important and sensitive data is kept safe and protected against the Malwares that are hidden in the applications. You can locate and block the device once you realize the device is lost or stolen. It has got excellent Anti-Theft features, USSD controls, Security Audits, Anti-Malware Protection. Etc

Antivirus For Android , Eset Mobile Security Android, Eset Mobile Security App, techbuzzes

Download Eset Mobile Security For Android


  • McAfee Antivirus & Security

McAfee Antivirus & Security is an Ultimate Mobile Security for your Android Device which keeps your Android Device Secure and Safe. It has got 4 Stars Rating from PC Mag for its Privacy and Secure Antivirus solution. Also McAfee Mobile Security has got recognized and achieved many Awards. It has many features like App Lock, App Protection, Call Blocker and SMS Filtering, Remote Wipe Data, and Obviously best Antivirus Protection. It even helps you in tracking your mobile phone if the device is lost and provides you the Safe Mobile Web Browsing experience. Well now it’s your turn to try, it on your device.

Antivirus For Android , McAfee Antivirus & Security Android, McAfee Antivirus & Security App, techbuzzes

Download McAfee Antivirus & Security For Android

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  • Avast! Free Mobile Security

Avast! Free Mobile Security is a total Antivirus protection for your Android Device. Avast Antivirus for android Secures & keeps your Android Device from Malicious and Malware Apps. The Avast web shield warns you of Infected Websites, when it detects any unnatural or infected URLs. If your device is rooted you may add a Firewall to block Hackers hacking your device. It’s easy to Track your device with the Anti-Theft feature; when the device is lost or stolen. Now you need not install any more apps to Track your Network Data or Wi-Fi usage on your Device, Avast does it for you. It has more packages for you to try.

Antivirus For Android , Avast Free Mobile Security Android, Avast! Free Mobile Security App, techbuzzes

Download Avast! Free Mobile Security for Android

  • Kaspersky Security For Mobile

Kaspersky Security For Android is an App that Comprehensive Protection for your Android Device. It helps in Protecting and Managing Corporate Mobile Devices. It protects your data from all kind of Viruses with Real-time Protection. When you are Corporate, you need to worry about SPAM texts and calls, but Kaspersky Security Protects you from SPAM calls and Text’s by blocking them. Its highly secure and well protected app which you must never miss to try.

Antivirus For Android , Kaspersky Mobile Security Android, Kaspersky Mobile Security Android App, techbuzzes

Download Kaspersky Security For Android

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Well, we are done with the list of “Top 5 Antivirus for Android Devices”. We are sure these Apps will protect your Device and will keep your Data Safe and Secure. Now it’s your turn to try which one Shields your Device to the best.

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