8 Must Have Apps for iOS 7


Regardless of whether you are New to the Apple iPhone or you have just upgraded your current iDevice definitely to iOS 7. The first thing we will try to do is? Load up as many Good Apps as possible so that, we show off how awesome our iDevice has become. Well for those users, the good news is there are Numerous Applications which might be presently available to Support & Guide the revolutionary interface of iOS 7. And today we have come up with “8 Must Have Apps for iOS 7”. So you don’t miss showing off the brand New look and feeling of iOS 7.

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List of 8 must have Apps for iOS 7:

  • Camera +
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Camera + APP

Camera+ is one of the best camera/photo editing apps which is very much useful for anyone who loves doing enhancements and editing on their Photo’s. It enhances their Photo Looks and gives a perfectly blended loving picture. Camera+ stands first on our list of 8 Must Have Apps for iOS 7.

Download Camera+

  • Foursquare
Foursquare , Must Have Apps for iOS 7, Foursquare for iOS 7, Foursquare App, Foursquare iPhone, Techbuzzes
Foursquare APP

Foursquare is the Most Famous and everyone’s Favorite and love to be “check-in” App services.  Foursquare has got an excellent update supporting iOS 7. Right from the layouts, Menu’s, Style… Etc it has got significantly better. You will surely love to Check-in using this App.

Download Foursquare

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  • AroundMe
AroundMe APP

AroundMe is a Wicked and very simple app that allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings. It quickly identifies your current location and comes up with suggestion on all the nearby ATM’s, Banks, Hospital, Restaurants/ Hotel, Movie Theater, etc… You can get every listing right on the Map and you can even share the information to your friend. “Don’t wait to explore, what’s near you.”

Download AroundMe

  • Shake
Shake, Must Have Apps for iOS 7, Shake for iOS 7, Shake App, Shake iPhone, Techbuzzes
Shake APP

Shake is an App that is used to Create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds, right from your Mobile device.  The App makes it very simple to document the important terms and get the deal done quickly and confidently.

 Download Shake App

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  • Pocket
Pocket, Must Have Apps for iOS 7, Pocket for iOS 7, Pocket App, Pocket iPhone, Techbuzzes
Pocket APP

Pocket is an Formerly “Read It Later” App. Whenever you find an interesting Article, video or an web page that you wish to read or watch it later, all you need to do is, put it in the Pocket. Once the Article or the Video is in the Pocket App, it will automatically syncs across your devices so you can get access to Read or view your Pocket item anytime right from any device.

Download Pocket


  • Rdio
Rdio, Must Have Apps for iOS 7, Rdio for iOS 7, Rdio App, Rdio iPhone, Techbuzzes
Rdio APP

Rdio is a service to discover your favorite song & for streaming unlimited music—on-demand for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Whenever you are in the mood to hear something good and new all you need to do is, check on to their favorites and find the best things way to your ears.

Download Rdio

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  • Flipboard
Flipboard, Must Have Apps for iOS 7, Flipboard for iOS 7, Flipboard App, Flipboard iPhone, Techbuzzes
Flipboard APP

Flipboard is your personal Social News magazine. It is the most in-demand strategy to make amends for the news you loves, discover wonderful things from around the world, or even helps you remain connected to the people closest to you. Flipboard allows you to save and collect the things you love into your own magazines. Isn’t that wonderful? What’s more with Flipboard is that you can enjoy all your social networks updates right on the App.

Download Flipboard


  • Argus
Argus, Must Have Apps for iOS 7, Argus for iOS 7, Argus App, Argus iPhone, Techbuzzes
Argus APP

Argus is your 24/7 motion and fitness tracker App. You need not spend $$$ anymore on fitness apps when, you could find Argus fit your Pocket the best for Free. It is the best fitness-tracker available to compatibly run on iOS 7. It makes your iOS device as a “Sophisticated Health and Fitness” App that helps you in monitoring and manages your activities to reach your health goals.

Download Argus

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