Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6 Expectation?


The battle between the giants has been all around in 2013 with each trying to outdo the other and it will continue in 2014 as well. There are people who are waiting for some up gradation of their device which will give them better experience with their phones. It is nothing like the present device is a worse one and they want a better one instead they just want to enjoy the latest technologies and apps. You will find people around you who love to change their device almost after every 6 months and for them there is good news. We will soon be able to witness Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6 duel. Both are coming up with latest version after their last launch in 2013 so people are waiting with bated breath to see what is in store for them.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6 – Better Specifications?

  • Look of the device:

Lets get started with the Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6 specs. If we are talking about designing then it is said that Samsung will be retaining its faux leather case instead of going full metal body in this model and iPhone is also expected to come up with same look that it usually does with all other models, nothing spectacular. So, noting much to expect as far as the designing goes.

  • Screen or display:

Now if we talk about the screen size or the display then it is expected out of both that they will try and emulate bigger screen this time for their device. Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to bring in a RGB AMOLED display with 560 ppi and resolution of 2560 X 1440p in a 5.25 inch screen size. Whereas, iPhone 6 will be still strolling around with a display of something around 4 inches to a maximum of 5 inches with a resolution of 1920 X 1080p.

  • What’s in store:

iPhone 6 will be sticking to the regular storage of maximum 64 GB and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to increase the storing capacity to 64 GB but it is a tall claim as of now so it is better to expect what we generally get that is 16 GB but with microSD you will be able to get around 64 GB easily.

  • How smooth it works:

Now we are down to the performance for both the devices so let’s see in Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6 who surpasses whom. iPhone is already providing its users with 64 bit so it will try to outshine that number with iPhone 6 and Samsung will also try and come out with something better. But it is said that when iPhone will be sticking to dual core processor Samsung Galaxy S5 will be taking a giant leap in that front with something around 8 core hardware which will house 14Nm Exynos6 chip. This will help the new Samsung model to perform more intense tasks. It is also believed that Samsung will come up with 4GB of RAM whereas iPhone will b sticking to 1 GB.

  • Camera and battery life:

On the Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6, It is expected that iPhone will be coming up with 8MP rear camera with BSI and Led flash compared to Samsung’s own 8MP ISO CELL sensors. With all the specification studded in Samsung device it will be interesting to see how it manages the battery life because if the battery is not good then it will undoubtedly hamper the business.

  • Some interesting features:

Both of them is expected to be working on eye tracker for enabling or disabling the screen. The fingerprint scanning for unlocking is assumed to be present in iPhone 6 again and Samsung is working close to provide its users with something similar.

  • Release date:

Samsung came up with its last release in around April 2013 so it is expected that it will launch Samsung Galaxy S5 in April 2014 and as the iPhone was launch few months back in September 2013 therefore you can expect the iPhone to come up with its new model somewhat around October 2014.

After going through Samsung Galaxy S5 v/s iPhone 6 it can be said that both will give their best and if someone has the edge over other in one section then the other compensates it in some other way. At the end it is the users who will be benefited with these high end devices.

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