Top 6 Must Have FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil iOS & Android Apps


It is one of the events that the whole world looks up to and as it happens only once in 4 years therefore the craze is even more. There are some football fanatics who can go to any extent to show their support for their favorite team and then there are some who would see the live streaming followed by highlights of the game as well. Not only that they even listen to every news and updates that involves FIFA World Cup. In order to satiate the interest of fans for their favorite game the developers had taken the onus on them to come up with different apps and games that will ignite the passion for the game even more. Here is a list of 6 apps that will be handy this World Cup.

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List of Top 6 Must Have FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil iOS & Android Apps

Let’s start with the official app of World Cup 2014 which is developed to keep the fans of each team updated with each and every news that is related to this year’s World Cup. You can catch the highlights over here or go through the interview of the players and if you have some favorites set up, then it will send you notification when there is any news regarding your favorite team. If you are unable to watch the match live then the app comes with live blog which will keep you updated with the score. It is available for both the iOS and Android smartphones.

You will be made available live commentary from the game on this app and there is an option of push notification as well which will provide you with all the updates of what happened before the match and after the match as well. in order to keep up with the pace of World Cup footfall 2014 BBC Sport app has gone for an upgradation and some enhancements are included to provide the users with nothing but the best of experience. You can view recaps offline of the late night matches.

This is a free app which is available on Android smartphones only. This is an easy tutorial for all you people out there who is in Brazil to support their team. This app will teach you the essential words and even phrases which will be helpful for you to take the public transit or to order the food or even the football terminology to name a few.

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This android app ensures that you can show off your passion for football to the optimum level. There is a short animation that will pop up when you will try to unlock your smartphone and apart from that you will also be made available with live wallpaper along with some clock widget which will help you to keep up with the time difference easily.

Google Now takes the initiative of providing you the information about the upcoming match and whether you want to know more about the game and happenings or not. If you click on yes, then it will come up with matches and scores of the recent games that have been played and the schedule of the matches that are yet to be played.

This is an android app that will help you in keeping yourself updated with all the latest happenings of the World Cup 2014. It will provide you with the information about upcoming matches, the lineup that has been announced for the match and also the timing of the match. The Clean User interface makes it user friendly and popular amongst users.

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